Acupuncture Billericay EssexAcupuncture is a form of ancient Chinese medicine in which fine needles are inserted into the skin at certain points on the body.

Acupuncture is based on the belief that an energy, or ‘life force’, flows through the body in channels called meridians. This life force is known as Qi (pronounced ‘chee’).

Practitioners who adhere to traditional beliefs about acupuncture believe that when Qi cannot flow freely through the body, this can cause illness. They also believe that acupuncture can restore the flow of Qi, and so restore health.

Currently, the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) recommends acupuncture as a treatment option for lower back pain. NICE makes this recommendation on the basis of scientific evidence. Read the NICE 2009 guidelines on low back pain (PDF, 980kb).

Western Medical Acupuncture

Western Medical Acupuncture is an adaptation of Chinese acupuncture using current knowledge of anatomy, physiology and pathology, and the principles of evidence based medicine. While Western medical acupuncture has evolved from Chinese acupuncture, its practitioners no longer adhere to concepts such as Yin/Yang and circulation of qi. It is mainly used to treat musculoskeletal pain, including myofascial trigger point pain (may be described as a hyperirritable point located in taut bands of muscle or in fascia, which is the connective tissue covering of the muscles).

Acupuncture Treatment with Linda Aryaeenia

Linda Aryaeenia qualified in Western Medical Acupuncture in 2006, having completed her training under Professor Anthony Campbell. She combines Acupuncture with Osteopathy in her treatment, where appropriate, and where the patient is happy to receive it. There is no extra charge for the treatment.

What does Acupuncture Treatment Feel Like?

There is a mild sensation as the needle is inserted, which can sometimes last a few seconds. However, often there is very little, if any discomfort. Patients start to feel pleasantly relaxed, and sometimes sleepy within minutes. It is a good idea to avoid driving the first time you have treatment, as you may feel sleepy. This can soon pass, and you will know in future, if you are awake enough to drive afterwards.

Acupuncture Treatment Fees:

Initial consultation and treatment of one hour: £55.

Subsequent visits of half an hour: £45.